Hello, I am glad you are here! First a bit about me and if you scroll further you will find my blog. The menu has links to various things I do…

greekstars2013Hello!  I am an artist in Nova Scotia and this is where you can find all I have on offer. There are links above that will direct you to various destinations depending on what you are interested in. I have a wonderful children’s book, called CATalphabet! which I hope you check out. I am very proud of it. I  sell prints of my work in my Etsy shop called AliceinParis. (Alice was my grandmother’s name) I teach art classes!
treesoflife2012I paint in various styles but am known for my use of colour and imagery. I do commissions and sell my originals around the world. The painting below is  Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. I always have projects and new paintings on the go so check back often!
SummersolsticePeggysCove2012Underneath this last picture is my blog which I update frequently with new paintings, photography, recipes, musings and basically whatever is in the forefront of my life!  You can follow along by bookmarking this page or subscribing (on the right sidebar) to get updates via email each time I do a new post or have a painting to sell. If you have any questions about anything at all, please contact me. ShelaghDuffett@gmail.com
2015-02-24 MAy2015 001


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