Colour Interview.. Anne Julie Aubry

This is one of a series of interviews I’ve done and am doing with creative people that is based on the colours of the rainbow! It has been a fun project. What is the strongest memory or association do they have with each colour?  What comes to mind, what impact did each colour have on the interviewee’s  life?


Spiral of Dream

This interview with Anne-Julie Aubry was done a few years ago. She is a lovely artist and mom who lives in the south of France. Her exquisite work is luscious and mysterious. You can see more art at her etsy shop TheNebulous Kingdom and read her blog here. Ann-Julie’s sometimes dark but always whimsical work is also available on skins at  Skinkin Her instagram account is also a wonderful place to visit:)annjulieaubry2Mon Petite Monde


Springtime Blossom

Here are her colour associations!  Enjoy:)

“Oh thank you for inviting me in such a great experience, it’s definitely a really great little game about our memories. I love it! ”

Red  – I think of poppies, always poppies because I love to draw or paint them. I’ve always been in love with these flowers, like an obsession since my youngest age.

Orange – Orange is the color of Etsy. I cannot think of anything else, Etsy came in mind instantly. I’m very addicted to this website, it’s also my community and running a shop here is my full time job.

Yellow – One of the first car of my parents was yellow. It was a fun one, from a German brand to avoid any details, in a funny and gorgeous lemon-yellow color. I loved this car, I have very good memories of it.

Green – Is the color I’m very connected to in my work. I always add a touch of green in every of my illustration, even a little.. tiny one! This is the color of the Earth and that means for me the color of Hope.

Blue When I think of blue I think of my grandma’s bedroom. She loves the color blue, and her bedroom has always been dedicated to this color. The walls, the fitted carpet, the curtains, everything. She has wonderful tastes, and a great ability to marry different shades of blue. It’s a gorgeous bedroom, and could be featured in a decorating book me thinks!

Indigo/purple – The amazing tones of the sky at nightfall here in the south, at the sea. I’m living here since almost 5 years now, and this is something I definitely love. I feel lucky each time I can take a few minutes and stare at a beautiful nightfall… Most of the time I can see pink and orange tones as well, a pure chef d’oeuvre.

Violet/pink – Is the gorgeous color of my grandma’s beautiful hydrangeas in her garden. As far as I remember, those (giant now) flowers have always been in her garden, and she really really cares about them.

in the moment…

“I wrote so I could truly say I was paying attention” -Sarah Manguso. 

I think I take pictures for the same reason. I see. I am aware. 

George’s Island, Halifax. 7:40am

Alice’s Album

This is my grandmother Alice whom I named by biz after:)  AliceinParis! Here she is about 16 years old. I recently found a small Autograph Album of hers buried in a box of old photos. This album is almost 100 years old! There is a tremendous innocence to some of the entries by her pals.and incredible talent! This book must have been kept overnight in order to do this water colour sketch of the Brig o Balgownie in Aberdeen, Scotland.

And this corner of a page folded over:)And check this one out. Wow. There were bits of red pencil scribbles throughout. My father’s handiwork as a kid. Ha ha. I had an autograph book when I was 12. I can still remember what some kids wrote in it. Are they a thing of the past? What a great memento to have.

March 15

Big rainstorm last night! High winds and very noisy. March being a lion. This is Monty, completely unaware how spoiled he is. Try spending the night outside my wee lad and you’ll find out soon enough. I suppose that covers the majority of us here in North America! We live finer lives than the ancient Kings and Queens and most of the people living on earth now. We really are spoiled in our easy lives. Running water, hot/cold, warm houses, safe houses,  televisions, laptops, cell phones, cars, internet, medicine, abundant clothing, food, school, so many things we don’t  think about. Let’s spend a moment today to look around and be grateful. 

Almost Spring….

lemonlentils2 We are still in the clutches of winter! One more week until Spring…. I went for a walk yesterday and the lakes are still skimmed with ice. Tonight we are getting a huge rain storm which will start as snow and then fingers crossed  will turn to rain. It is pummeling the East Coast of the US right now as snow. I am going to make this Lemon Lentil Soup to warm things up quickly:) I make it without the feta and dill but those would take it over the top! It is still DELICIOUS without.  Here is the recipe sent to my by one of my painting students, Judy. Thanks!

lemonlentil3To be honest, I just dump everything in the pot together. No sauteing, I don’t use the oil and I also use a generous squirt of Siracha instead of the chili flakes:) Because I don’t add the feta and dill, I  only add the juice of one lemon. And I use the zest of the entire lemon, haven’t measured to see how much it was. Sooo very good. Enjoy!lemonlentilsoup

Starts with a Sketch

Actually it starts with an idea… then pencil to paper. I was looking through an old sketchbook and had a little trip down memory lane. I remembered doing these and it was interesting to see which ones became paintings. This one below for example…became this one! Available to buy here in my Etsy shop. There are loads of mini sketches and scrawls and ideas and things yet to be painted. I also have lists and thoughts and info I want to remember jotted down. Do you have a sketch book you drop your thoughts and creative bursts into?